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Years of experience in the sector of production of workwear have influenced the development direction of our team. Therefore, service sewing, tailoring and personalization of existing items now represent the pinnacle of our expertise; whether it is fashion, work, casual clothing or decorative products for all sectors.

Your creative idea becomes our mission, and our network of employees and collaborators erases all the limits of the impossible. Lupré can supply any garment, from hats to suits, leather accessories such as coasters, suspenders, textile towels, tablecloths, curtains.


You will be guided through the production process by our expert and experienced advisers - creatives, constructors and tailors.

First, we will define the needs of the project, the intended design and the estimated order quantity. Then comes the choice of model, consultation and selection of materials, processing and accessories. After that, we make a sample of the product, and if necessary, additional small corrections are made. The order is ultimately made and delivered, in the fastest possible time - without long waits!


Each form of personalization represents the possibility of adaptation to the client's visual identity. Personalization can express your unique and recognizable style, raise the quality and design of the product. Due to a narrow network of long-term collaborators, we can realize all wishes, from embroidery and printing, design of labels, buttons, threads, raw materials, to fabric finishing.

You can find some of the works in our galleries .

For all inquiries, contact us using the form below with details about the project and we will be happy to share all the necessary information with you!